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  3. English language training according to the 50-50 formula: Negotiating

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English language training according to the 50-50 formula: Negotiating

Je m'inscris

Never negotiate out of fear. But never fear to negotiate. John F. Kennedy

50-50 - Negotiating: 50% focused on negotiating, 50% focused on the target language.

A practical course designed to equip non-native speakers of the English language with the communication tools that are essential for effective negotiation. Furthermore, participants will acquire language skills that will ensure their verbal proficiency when negotiating in the target language.

Niveau Niveau de base
Type de formation Etude à distance

Prix total *

Membres: € 920
Non-membres: € 1.110
Partenaire BZB: € 920
Incompany: sur mesure, prix à la demande

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* Prix : prestation dans le cadre du recyclage régulier, exonérée de TVA

Dates disponibles

29/09/2020 - Englisch language training according to the 50-50 formula: Negotiating

06/10/2020 - Englisch language training according to the 50-50 formula: Negotiating

Je m'inscris

Groupe cible

This course is intended for employees who have to regularly negotiate in English.

Connaissances préalables

This course is only open to those with a language level of at least B1 (50).

You need to take a language test to determine your language level according to the following procedure:

Link to language test: You can take the test here.

Language test procedure:

  • Enter the access code: test4banking.

Enter your surname and first name as follows (do not use special characters or accents):

  • Name: Elanplus ‘your name’ / First name: your first name
  • Choose your project (i.e. the language you wish to have evaluated).
  • Then answer the questions.
  • Afterwards, you will receive your result (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2).

Later there will be an intake call to determine your language level more accurately. This is essential for the smooth running of the course.


The objectives

Communication skills:

  • You develop a negotiating method that improves your chances of success
  • You learn to listen and understand the needs and wishes of the “other” party
  • You increase your ability to deal with the different responses
  • You can adjust your communication style according to your strategy or according to the profile of your discussion partner
  • You discover how you can make your win-win approach “infectious” in order to convince people and attain objectives

Language skills:

  • You enrich your vocabulary with more precise terms which you learn to use while taking account of regional subtleties
  • You discover how to:
    • ask questions in the right way
    • set conditions, taking into account the wishes, preferences and boundaries of the negotiations
    • agree and disagree
    • close the negotiations
  • You avoid common mistakes and choose the right expressions in order to negotiate
  • You develop your verbal language skills so that, after completing the course, you can concentrate exclusively on the negotiation


“Intake call” to get to know your work environment better

Two days of training (9 a.m. - 5 p.m. incl. 1 hour lunch break)

Location: Atolo Belgium - Tervurenlaan 36/18,1040 Brussels

2-week follow-up via Skype or telephone (2 coaching sessions of 30 minutes each)

Extra information

Each group has a maximum of 6 people.



We work in small groups so that we can give sufficient attention to your work environment, your interests and your personal goals.

By exchanging good practices, you increase your concrete knowledge and improve your working methods.

By combining the development of your communication skills with your language skills, you gain more self-confidence and communicate more effectively. This allows you to focus on your goals and to influence your discussion partners positively.

We convert knowledge and learning into action. The acquired results are applicable in practice.