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Update 07/03/2022 : Febelfin Academy verwelkomt je 'live' of digitaal en blijft jouw veilige plek om te leren!

Alle Febelfin Academy opleidingen gaan door met respect voor de actuele coronamaatregelen (code geel) . Concrete informatie vind je terug op de fiche/webpagina van elke opleiding. Examens worden presentieel afgenomen in onze lokalen, eveneens rekening houdend met de nodige veiligheidsmaatregelen. Voor praktische afspraken rond in-house georganiseerde opleidingen of examens neem je best contact op met je opleidingsverantwoordelijke. We bedanken je voor je flexibiliteit en wensen je fijne leerervaringen!
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IFRS 9 for banks - Live webinar

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This one-day training will provide participants with a guide through the IFRS principles dealing with financial instruments. At the end of the session, the participant will not become an in-depth expert in IFRS 9 but it will offer you a good backbone that can be referred to in further exploring/implementing these IFRS principles.  



Niveau Expert
Type opleiding Live Webinar

Totale prijs *

Leden: € 530
Niet-leden: € 640
Partner BZB: € 530
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The training course can be taken by various target groups which are active in the following functions, among others: 

  • Employees of financial institutions as well as insurance companies involved with: 
    • IFRS-reporting and/or financial accounting; 
    • Portfolio managers; 
    • Capital management and (financial) strategy departments; 
    • Front-office, Back-office, Middle-office and Risk management; 
    • Asset and Liability Management, Liquidity management; 
    • Project Management and system development supporting process related to financial instruments. 

Vereiste voorkennis

Expert: specifically explains a given subject in detail. In order to take a training course at this level you must have sufficient prior knowledge (expertise). 

Additional prior knowledge required: 

Basic knowledge of IAS 39 principles is required – during the session these principles will be high level explained to understand why changes in measurement of financial instruments has been brought forward via IFRS 9.



Part I: 

  • Introduction and background IFRS accounting & presentation principles on Financial Instruments: overview of relevant IAS & IFRS standards 
  • Introduction IFRS 9 Financial Instruments: framing the need for a switch from IAS 39 to IFRS 9
  • IFR9’s Classification & Measurement principles on financial assets & financial liabilities:
    • How to define the business model for financial instruments 
    • Product characteristics: solely payments of principal and interest against embedded derivatives 
  • IFRS 9’s Expected Credit Losses principles:
    • From incurred to expected credit losses
    • Introduction of the main concepts of the financial instruments standard on ‘expected credit losses’: 
    • The three-stage model for impairment 
    • Assessing a significant increase in credit risk 
    • Measuring expected loss: forward looking & scenario 

Part II: 

  • IFRS 9’s Hedge Accounting principles:
  • IAS 39 Hedge Accounting Principles against FRS 9 Hedge Accounting 
  • IFRS 9 Accounting Principles 
  • IAS 39 Macro Hedge Accounting 
  • Upcoming IFRS 9 Dynamic Hedge Accounting 
  • Financial Instruments & Reporting:
    • IFRS Disclosures 
    • Prudential Reporting - FinRep 
  • Financial Instruments: IFRS against Prudential principles:
    • Prudential concept of non-performing, forbearance, default against IFRS 9 impairment 
    • Prudential principles and impact on IFRS 9 ECL modelling 
    • IFRS’ Equity against CRR Own Funds


Duration: 1 day training

Hours: 9h - 17h (6 lessons per day)

Location: This training will be given online.

Additional information:

How do you start the webinar? You will receive a login and password by email to access our platform. In the platform you will find a link. By clicking on the scheduled date the webinar will start via Webex. 
In order to receive training points, it is important to enter your own name and surname in Webex, follow the entire training day and answer the questions suggested by the trainer. Do not follow the training with several people on the same PC.


You follow a ‘Live webinar’ digitally in a group. It is ‘learning-apart-together’. At an agreed time, the teacher and participants log in to a video conference tool, each from his or her own location and with his or her own computer. Via this tool’s camera, microphone and chat function, there is an opportunity for interaction and feedback, both from the participants to the teacher and vice versa. The teaching material consists as a basis of a presentation via the MyFA learning platform, supplemented with various other items (such as digital syllabus, presentation, audiovisual fragments, etc.).

Type of training: 
During Live Webinars you see the presentation and the trainer live via your screen. You can communicate with the trainer and ask questions.

Training material

  • PowerPoint presentation (slides);
  • Live Video.