The fin competition

The first edition of a national banking simulation is coming to an end. The game took place virtually in 15 Universities of Applied Sciences across Belgium, with more than 120 student teams and 346 participating students. Ready for the last straight line, get set…. go!


After having played the Fin Competition with 346 students since early October, you are now amongst the 45 finalists: your ultimate battle starts on 27 November.

Every move will get you closer towards the edge or to the holy Grail…VICTORY!  


Feedback rounds

Our game master will provide you with feedback every week.

He will give you insights on the decisions you have made, points to pay attention to and some useful tips & ‘tricks of the trade’ for the coming rounds.

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Kicking off

To launch the competition in all the participating universities, we are organising a digital road trip to get you ready for the game. So how does it work?

An online kick-off will let you know what, where and when for The Fin Competition.

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Start the battle

The Fin Competition officially starts 1 October. Your University of Applied Sciences will play 8 rounds internally. The best team at your University of Applied Sciences will then go on to play in the Grand Final on 27 November.

Overall stakeholder value will determine the winning team, such as customer value, employee satisfaction, sustainability and shareholder value.

The future belongs to you

Watch the message from former Minister of Finance and current Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo and understand why it is important for you, students, to participate in The Fin Competition.

Participating Universities of Applied Sciences

Qui dit argent dit dépenses, qui dit crédit dit créance

Paul van Haver