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Are you the future of finance? Are you ready to make the difference? Astute and Analytical. Creative and Connected. Independent and Innovative. Finance is the sector of change, with so many possibilities for growth. Next Generation of Finance helps you discover them. Explore this sector, meet the real people behind the jobs, discover, and enjoy. This could be you……The future is yours to shape!

What is your dream job in the financial sector? Our short quiz about the 5 filters of finance can help you find it! Have a look at these 5 roles and tips on how you can build your career towards this future. The quiz only takes a heartbeat and the results may really surprise you!

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Feel the thrill during our live grand final

Our 45-minute live grand final show wraps up the Fin Competition, with as climax the revealing of the winners well as sharing knowledge.

We invited experts and surprise guests from inside and outside the financial world to break the rules with us!

Relive the LIVE grand final

Finance is innovative

Yes, we know it is. But we don’t want you to just take our word for it. 

We have reached out to experienced experts working in finance to show you around. 

Because banking is serious business. But as much as it takes brains and responsibility, it’s also about creativity, vision and strategy.

Get inspired by financial insiders


We launched the premier banking simulation competition for students at Belgian Universities of Applied Sciences.

The next generation of finance tested their skills in a 2-month challenge.

In teams, students developed a plan, and followed through, reacting in real time to challenging and changing situations and competing against their peers. 

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