Fin Competition practical information

How can you win The Fin Competition? Who is the game master? When will we be playing? Check out the page below to find your answers.

Meet our game master

Kicking off!

To launch the competition in all the participating universities, we are organising a digital road trip to get you ready for the game. During the road trip we will let you know about the competition, the winning criteria and the Grand Final.

Prepare for the finals

October will be all about mastering your moves, answering questions, solving problems and working with your team in order to up your game and compete against other teams from your University of Applied Sciences. The Fin Competition will start on 1 October.

Bring it on!

RoundClosing dateClosing hour
Practice round 104/10/202013h00
Practice round 207/10/202013h00
Round 114/10/202013h00
Round 216/10/2020Determined by each school
Round 321/10/202013h00
Round 423/10/2020Determined by each school
Round 528/10/202013h00
Round 630/10/2020Determined by each school
Round 718/11/202013h00
Round 820/11/202015h00

Feedback rounds

Our game master will provide you with feedback every week. He will give you insights on the decisions you have made, points to pay attention to and some useful tips & ‘tricks of the trade’ for the coming rounds.

How to win the Fin Competition?

Winning The Fin Competition is only possible if you score high enough on all 4 different criteria. Our game master will, of course, explain them to you!

Good luck and may the best team win!

Still some questions?

Please contact your University of Applied Sciences.