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Our trainers

We have built up the right expertise thanks to our many years of experience. We use trainers who are closely linked to the banking and business world. Who are the experts behind our courses? Febelfin Academy works closely with a selection of professional subject teachers who are eager to share their knowledge with you.

Subject matter experts

Time and again, our subject experts compose top courses. The emphasis is on the development of personal and technical skills necessary for your successful career within the financial sector.

They bring you insights and concepts from practice that bridge the gap between theory and the reality of the rapidly changing financial world.

It is therefore natural that we continuously invest in them. They are the strength of Febelfin Academy. Their input, energy and loyalty ensure that we always offer you innovative and up-to-date topics.  

Meet our trainers:

Oiheba BensaĆ¢d

Expertise: Personal development

Pierre Berger

Nicolas Bertrand

Expertise: Taxation & regulations, Private banking & asset management

Patrick Beselaere

Expertise: Retail banking, Clearing, settlements & payments

Tijs Besieux

Expertise: Risk, finance & treasury

France Bidard

Expertise: Personal development

Benoit Marie F Bienfait

Expertise: Taxation & regulations, Compliance & audit

Didier Blessin

Expertise: Personal development

Jeroen Bockaert