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4 training courses were found
Starting date
Training course
Introduction to Sustainable Finance
Risk, finance & treasury Sustainability
Basic E-learning

6p/h Banking
6p/h Consumer credits
6p/h Insurances
6p/h Compliance
6p/h Mortgage credits

The fight against money laundering (AML) and the financing of terrorism (CFT): general module and applications
Compliance & audit
Basic E-learning

2p/h Mortgage credits
2p/h Consumer credits
4p/h Banking
2p/h Insurances
4p/h Compliance

Cyber security: Do's & Don'ts (eng)
Compliance & audit
Basic E-learning

1p/h Banking
1p/h Insurances
1p/h Mortgage credits
1p/h Consumer credits

GDPR in practice
Compliance & audit
Basic E-learning

0.5p/h Banking
0.5p/h Compliance
0.5p/h Insurances
0.5p/h Mortgage credits
0.5p/h Consumer credits