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Data visualisation: communicating visually

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Since the sharp increase in incoming data flows in the financial industry, the challenge has shifted from the data itself to the insights that the data has to offer. Your job will no longer be to list up data but to understand and manage them.  What is the point if we do not understand the essence?
Data visualisation offers the answer here. By translating data into a visual overview, you can communicate more efficiently and make business decisions more quickly. So the question is how we can make the visualisation efficient and effective!

In this data visualisation course, you will learn to understand how a person takes in visual insights and how you can use this knowledge to give data visualisations shape in such that they clearly convey the right insights. After the Data Visualisation course, you will know the importance of visual information and how people can process this information smoothly in a day-to-day financial business environment.

You have insight into the different data visualisation techniques and have a good idea of how you can apply them in practice with modern BI tools such as Power Bi.

Finally, you are able to assess which conditions a good dashboard must meet and how you can distil insights from data and transfer them using intuitive graphs and charts.

This course aims to:


Level Advanced
Learning format Live webinar

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Members: € 1.100
Non-members: € 1.300
Partners/ BZB: € 1.100
Incompany: tailor-made, prices on request

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* Price: service in the context of continuing professional training, exempt from VAT

Available dates

25/04/2024 - 09:00u - 12:30u - Data visualisation: communicating visually - Day 1

13/05/2024 - 09:00u - 12:30u - Data visualisation: communicating visually - Day 2

22/05/2024 - 09:00u - 12:30u - Data visualisation: communicating visually - Day 3

30/05/2024 - 09:00u - 12:30u - Data visualisation: communicating visually - Day 4

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Please let us know you're interested in this training should there be no date available, the planned date does not suit you and/or this session is full. As soon as about 5 people are registered on the interest list, we will propose a new course date. Your registration on the interest list is free of charge and without any obligation.

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Target group

The course can be followed by anyone who wants to improve their competences and self-confidence in processing and communicating data in his financial job.

The training course can be followed by various target groups:

  • managers;
  • credit analysts;
  • marketing staff;
  • data scientists;
  • product managers. 

Required prior knowledge

Advanced level training: this training requires a general basic knowledge of the subject.

Additional prior knowledge required: Knowledge of working with large data sets is recommended. Prior knowledge of Power Bi is not required.



Day 1 & 2

  • The importance of data visualisation in a modern financial world
  • What role does data visualisation play in how we communicate?
  • The history of data visualisation
    • a brief overview of how data visualisation has evolved over the years
  • The principles of data visualisation
  • How does the brain process visual stimuli? How to ensure the best possible translation from visualisation to interpretation?
  • Chart types and their purpose: part 1
    • a discussion of the different chart types and categories and where and when they can be used
  • Exercises throughout the course

Day 3 & 4

  • Chart types and their purpose: part 2
    • a discussion of the different chart types and categories and where and when they can be used
  • Dashboard design principles: colour, shape and type
    • what properties must a dashboard contain in order to fulfil its maximum value? How do you choose the right format and graphics?
  • The phases of a data visualisation project
    • how do you ideally approach a data visualisation assignment? What are the steps?
  • Get started
    • data transformation and visualisation in practice using Power Bi



  • Duration: 4 times ½ day of training (3 class hours per day)
  • Hours: 09:00 to 12:30
  • Location: This training will be given online
  • Language: This training will be given in English
  • Additional information: How do you start the webinar? You will receive a login and password by email to access our platform. In the platform you will find a link. By clicking on the scheduled date the webinar will start. 
    In order to receive training points, it is important to enter your own name and surname, follow the entire training day and answer the questions suggested by the trainer. Do not follow the training with several people on the same PC.


You follow a ‘Live webinar’ digitally in a group. It is ‘learning-apart-together’. At an agreed time, the teacher and participants log in to a video conference tool, each from his or her own location and with his or her own computer. Via this tool’s camera, microphone and chat function, there is an opportunity for interaction and feedback, both from the participants to the teacher and vice versa. The teaching material consists as a basis of a presentation via the MyFA learning platform, supplemented with various other items (such as digital syllabus, presentation, audiovisual fragments, etc.).

Course material: PowerPoint presentation.


Sven Vermeulen
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