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For the CPD cycle ending on 31 December2023, you can easily derive the 'CPD points' (read from now on as 'CPD hours') by summing the general and sector-specific hours per training domain. For more information, please check out our FAQ 

Language training: Dutch

I register

Is your level of Dutch good, intermediate or high? Would you like to improve your Dutch skills even more? And to do this whenever it suits you best? Do you prefer short learning sessions under the guidance of a language coach? Then this formula is definitely for you! 

The objectives of this training course are to: 


Level Basic
Learning format E-learning

Total price *

Members: € 400
Non-members: € 420
Partners/ BZB: € 400
Incompany: tailor-made, prices on request

* Are you entitled to an allowance or subsidy?
* Price: service in the context of continuing professional training, exempt from VAT

Target group

The course can be followed by various trainees who, among other things, work as: 

  • Financial advisor
  • Manager or executive
  • Sales advisor
  • Administrative employee

Required prior knowledge

Prior to this course, you will be contacted for a brief telephone screening to determine your language level and discuss your objectives.  

A minimum level of A2 is expected for this course. 

What language level do I have? What does my CEFR level mean?


Do you have a starting level between A2 and B2? 

The content of the training follows the language learning e-learning modules. We present 5-6 business cases per language and per level. We can provide you with an overview of the available modules (3/4 per business case) in each business case. 

The course consists of 5 to 6 business cases per level. You practise key sentences on the following professional topics, among others: 

  • Social talk with colleagues/clients/suppliers
  • Introducing yourself and your company
  • Telephone communication
  • Writing professional e-mails
  • Giving a presentation
  • Participating in a meeting
  • Leading a team

Each module contains 40 hours of practice time.  This implies: if you complete each business case once and do all the exercises on it, you will need 40 hours.  So, you decide which exercises you want to do, and which exercises you want to repeat several times.

This package includes 2 hours of coaching. You schedule a session whenever you feel it is necessary. Sessions of 15 minutes to 1 hour are possible.  

Do you have a starting level between B2 and C2? 

The content of your training consists of one of the learning packages by CrossKnowledge. The packages are available in 17 languages, including Dutch, French and English. 

You can chose between following packages:  


Preparation of participants:  

Prior to the training you will be contacted for a screening. Based on your level we activate the corresponding e-learning content. As soon as the very day after your screening, you can get started! 

Structure of the training:  

This course is based on self-learning on an online platform. The role of the coach is that of a "guide on the side" who guides, motivates and orients you on the platform.  You can schedule a short session with the coach from time to time to ask questions so that you can resume learning on your own. The coach will advise you on which modules are most relevant to you and help you to put what you have learnt into practice by giving you tips on how to use the language on the job. 

Each package includes 2 hours of coaching. You schedule a session whenever you feel it is necessary. Sessions of 15 minutes to 1 hour are possible.  


An ‘E-learning’ is 100% self-study. You log in individually on the MyFA learning platform and process, at your own pace, learning content that is provided to you via an interactive presentation. You can follow this online training wherever, whenever and as often as you want. The teaching material consists of a digital format with text, video, images, animations, test questions and/or references to relevant documents and/or websites.

You will have access to the BLCC E-learning platform. The coaching sessions take place via Teams, Zoom or the online meeting tool of your choice.