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The right to disconnect - Theory and practice

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The right to deconnection aims to protect employees from work overload and the constant pressure to stay connected outside working hours.

The aim is to promote a healthy work-life balance, by allowing workers to focus on their private and family life outside working hours, thus preventing possible burn-out.  For this reason, vigilance and recognising blinkers is essential.

In this E-learning, you will:


Level Basic
Learning format E-learning

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Members: € 95
Non-members: € 115
Partners/ BZB: € 95
Incompany: tailor-made, prices on request

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Continuing Professional Development

Target group

The training can be taken by different target groups:

  • HR staff;
  • bank employees;
  • employees who wish to learn more about the right to deconnection and how to deal with it;
  • ...

Required prior knowledge

Personal development training: this training requires no prior knowledge.



This E-learning consists of a theoretical part, supplemented by exercises and practical examples so you can learn interactively.

  • Introduction
    • Relevance of the 'right to the connection' theme
    • Reflecting on the theme from your own experiences
  • Risks and hyperconnectivity
    • Defining the various concepts such as FOMO, hyperconnectivity, pressure to be responsive, ...
    • Awareness of the risks of hyperconnectivity on your mental, physical and social wellbeing using various scenarios
    • Impact of these risks on employee well-being
  • Actions to disconnect
    • Legal context and background
    • What can you do to disconnect? Tips & tricks
    • How do you monitor the use of digital tools?



  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Course material: an interactive module
  • Additional information: At the end of the E-learning course, there is a test that assesses your theoretical knowledge. The test consists of multiple choice questions (60% pass rate). 


An ‘E-learning’ is 100% self-study. You log in individually on the MyFA learning platform and process, at your own pace, learning content that is provided to you via an interactive presentation. You can follow this online training wherever, whenever and as often as you want. The teaching material consists of a digital format with text, video, images, animations, test questions and/or references to relevant documents and/or websites.

Training material: interactive module.