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Executive program - The Board of Directors in the Financial Sector

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The 6-day “The Board of Directors in the Financial Sector” program is an executive program on corporate governance, organised in collaboration with GUBERNA. The objective is to train incisive directors to work in the financial business sector.

The objective of this training course is to:

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Membres: € 5.100
Non-membres: € 5.400
Partenaire BZB: € 5.100
Incompany: sur mesure, prix à la demande

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Manifestez votre intérêt lorsqu’aucune date n’est disponible, la date planifiée ne convient pas et/ou la session existante est complète. Dès que 5 personnes sont inscrites sur la liste d'intérêt, nous vous proposons une nouvelle date. Votre inscription sur la liste d'intérêt est gratuite et n'induit aucune obligation.

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Groupe cible

The programme can be followed by the following target groups:

Connaissances préalables

Expert: specifically explains a given subject in detail. In order to take a training course at this level you must have sufficient prior knowledge (expertise).



Module 1: The financial landscape and supervisor duties

Day 1:

The role of banks in our society: today and in the future

The key elements of banking management

The strategic challenges for Belgian banks

The building blocks of the financial regulation/financial supervision: Twin Peaks

Module 2: Governance of the Financial Institution

Day 2:

Interactive workshop on governance

A summary of the reference framework for governance in the financial sector

An optimal composition of the Board of Directors

Specific focus on independence (what, why, how)

Day 3:

Case study: the Board of Directors must take some “specific decisions” in relation to:

Day 4:

The liability of directors in the financial sector

Interactive workshop: the evaluation of the Board of Directors - collectively and individually

Framework based on basic principles and best practices as well as relevant legal provisions.

Module 3: Operation of a financial institution and related risk management

Day 5:


The foundations of banking and insurance

The Banking Model

The insurance model

Banks versus insurance institutions

Conclusion: the future of financial services

Day 6:


Risk management: definitions and concepts

Risk Management in a trading environment

The ALM concept

FX Risk in detail

Interest rate risk in detail

Liquidity risk

Important risk-related concepts

Application of the Risk Appetite Framework (RAF);

Reflection for board members

Recovery planning

Practical Information

Duration: 6 day course

Dates: 2020 - exact dates to be confirmed

Hours: 12h30 - 19h15 followed by a dinner

Location: Febelfin Academy, Aarlenstraat/Rue d'Arlon 80, 1040 Brussels



During our theoretical training courses we offer a combination of theory and practical exercises. The cases, examples and exercises are taken from everyday situations or are contributed by you and then solved under the guidance of the trainer.