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  4. Do I have to take CPD in compliance?

For the CPD cycle ending on 31 December2023, you can easily derive the 'CPD points' (read from now on as 'CPD hours') by summing the general and sector-specific hours per training domain. For more information, please check out our FAQ 

Do I have to take CPD in compliance?

The CPD requirement in compliance is expressed in CPD hours. To maintain your registration as a recognised compliance officer, you must attend 40 CPD hours per 3-year period. For a second-line compliance officer, this is 20 hours per 3-year period.

Who has to attend 40 CPD hours per 3-year period?

Compliance officers registered with FSMA as approved compliance officers/responsible for the compliance function at a regulated firm, once they pass the exam, must participate in a training programme at an accredited training institution.

Who must attend 20 CPD hours per 3-year period?

Candidate compliance officers must, as from passing the examination, participate in a training programme.
In addition, any other person who has successfully passed the compliance officer examination, but has not yet been designated as a recognised compliance officer/responsible for the compliance function in a regulated firm, must also attend a training programme if they wish to be considered to have passed the examination later, when they are designated as a compliance officer in a regulated firm.

Please note that other employees performing compliance tasks (the employees of the compliance cell of the regulated firm) should also participate in such a training programme.

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