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  4. What are the knowledge requirements in the context of the European Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD)?

What are the knowledge requirements in the context of the European Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD)?

The European Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) has had a major impact on everyone who distributes insurance products: the intermediaries, the effective managers, the PRDs (persons responsible for distribution) and the PCPs (persons in contact with the public).

​​​​​​​1. Exam structure in 4 modules

The implementing decision of 25 June 2019 set out the minimum knowledge requirements. They were converted into a new examination structure consisting of 4 modules:

The new examination structure applied as from 1 January 2021.

Persons who are in contact with the public (PCPs) only have to take the exams of Module 1 - Basic Knowledge.

Those responsible, i.e. insurance intermediaries and their effective managers (EDs) and distribution managers (DMs), will have to pass exams for the following modules:




Responsible persons


 Basic knowledge 




 Non-life Insurance


yes (if insurances non life are included in the offering)


 Life Insurance general


yes (if life insurances are included in the offering)


 Life Insurance with investment component


yes (if life insurances with investment component are included in the offering)

2. Content of the different modules

Module 1 - Basic knowledge

Module 1 is made up of two sub-modules/exams:

Module 2 - Non-life insurance​​​​​​​ 

Module 2 is made up of 4 sub-modules/exams:

​​​​​​​Modules 3 and 4 - Life insurance​​​​​​​

Life insurance is covered in two modules:

Module 3 covers a number of common legal and technical subjects that are also valid for Module 4. If you offer life insurance with an investment component, both modules must be taken. Module 4 is thus not valid without module 3.

Insurance distribution IDD E-learning with presential exam

Insurance distribution IDD E-learning with proctoring exam

3. Practical modalities of the examination system

Most modules are made up of a number of sub-modules/exams.

To achieve a pass for a module, you must pass all the exams of the sub-modules that are part of it.

There is no imposed sequence for taking the exams of the various modules and sub-modules.

The specialised modules (2, 3, 4) are only valid provided module 1 (= basic module) has been passed. Module 4 is only valid if module 3 has been passed.

PCPs have one year from starting their activity to pass the two exams of Module 1 (status of PCP in training, subject to guidance and supervision from intermediary, PRD or experienced PCP). Their employer must also be able to prove their experience (= minimum 6 months). Experience as a PCP in training is taken into account.

For examination resits, there is a waiting time of two weeks for the participant before the exam can be resat.

View the entire exam offer in Insurance distribution IDD here

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