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Is your situation special and do you need flexibility?

Febelfin Academy strives for equality of opportunity and diversity.

Febelfin Academy is committed to creating an optimal learning environment for all participants so that everyone gets equal training opportunities. Febelfin Academy has opted for a structural, inclusive diversity policy and also provides specific supporting opportunities for participants with a disability.

Our training courses and exams are open to all

Our buildings are fully accessible for those with a disability: no level differences, easy access to the building for wheelchair users, provision of adapted parking and sanitary facilities.

Moreover, we offer participants with a disability who are taking exams or following training courses the opportunity to request flexibility.   

What precisely does this entail?

It concerns adjustments to the training and exam arrangements that are necessary to give a participant an equal chance in an evaluation situation.

These flexibility measures are considered reasonable if they satisfy the following three criteria:

For whom does this apply?

Participants with a disability:

How to apply?

1/ The participant in question (and/or the participant’s training manager) must notify Febelfin Academy in writing in advance (5 calendar days before the start of the course or exam).

2/ Send an email to info@febelfin-academy.be

3/ You must be able to submit a medical certificate from a recognised doctor/specialist.

4/ Your details will always be treated in confidence.

Possible alternatives offered by Febelfin Academy in the context of the flexibility:

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