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ESG integration in banks’ investment management activities

, Risk, Finance & Treasury

This 2-day classroom ESG training programme, intended for financial advisors and private bankers, is based on the present understanding of the ESG implementation into the banking industry. It provides insight in the ESG context and building blocks both from a regulatory and business perspective. You will learn how ESG is applied at corporate level to banks and investment firms. Regulations and guidelines will also be explored as well as the ‘Towards sustainability’ label.

This 2-day offline course starts with an introduction to the basic principles of sustainable and responsible investing. The training then goes on to explore how ESG information can be effectively incorporated into the investment management process.

You will learn about the state of the current business spectrum with the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders in the ESG process. You will also get an overview of the ‘Towards sustainability’ label, developed on the initiative of Febelfin, its alignment and differentiators with global/European regulations and guidelines. Also to be discussed are the different business opportunities and risks.

We will go through the ESG framework choices and typologies with related questionnaires, metrics and reporting

General performance reviews and ESG studies will finally also be reviewed. We will end the training program by looking into a case study, putting the theory wey learned into practice.

Subscribe here for the upcoming training on 8 and 15 October!

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