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Customer Journey Specialist

Digital native. Always up to date with the latest technologies, thinking how innovation can serve people. You’re independent but you’re not a lone wolf. Mingling and sharing your knowledge with the pack is what drives you forward.

Facts - Customer journey specialist

Expert in customer needs: you determine which banking (digital) products should be designed and developed.
By mapping out every step of customers’ journey, you work towards improving their experience with digital solutions.
Building up a combination of skills of a product manager, channel manager and marketer can help you get there.
While you are the strategic kind of person, your real strength lies in your creative side.
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Meet a real Customer Journey Specialist

Curious to know what a Customer Journey Specialist does to shape the future of finance?

Meet Damien who will share insights into his daily life as a Customer Journey Specialist at ING Bank.

You don’t need a specific background to become a Customer Journey Expert but you need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your customer and show empathy towards them.

Damien Pereira Gaspar - ING Bank Belgium

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