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'Learning beyond boundaries'

Febelfin Academy Yearly Event - 25 April 2024 - Thank you!

Once again, we have learned that exchanging ideas and experiences is extremely enriching, and that new perspectives open up with every fresh approach. Thank you for your interest, your presence and your input during our workshops and/or the evening event. 

We kindly share below the presentations given during the workshops by Vickie Dekocker, Annelies Volckaerts, Alex Whiteleather, Niels Jansen, Melanie Lepine and Jonathan McConnell.

Hopefully they can inspire you. We are fully motivated to continue learning beyond the boundaries of our sector and our region, to further optimise our training offer and to continue building on our mission 'Learning, key for evolution'.

We look forward to seeing you at Febelfin Academy!

▶️ WORKSHOP 1: How to facilitate learning through technology

Vickie Dekocker/ Senior Expert Education & Job Market Agoria, Annelies Volckaert/ researcher Edtech Station​​​​​​​

Download "How can technology facilitate learning" (. PDF)

▶️ WORKSHOP 2: The use of regenerative A.I. in leadership trainings

Alex Whiteleather/ Managing Director Abilitie UK, Niels Jansen/ Regional Director Europe Abilitie and Melanie Lepine/ Global Onboarding Lead CBRE ​​​​​​​

Download "Build better leaders with AI and experientiel learning" (. PDF)

▶️ WORKSHOP 3: How to create a sector-wide qualification framework 

Jonathan McConnell/ Director of Education, IOB University College Dublin

Download "Financial services skills and competence framework" (. PDF)

Learning is breaking boundaries, stepping out of your comfort zone and widening your perspective! In a complex world where everything and everyone seems connected at all times, traditional boundaries blur and new opportunities and challenges emerge.

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