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Febelfin Academy is not just a training institute. Above all, it is a meeting place for the financial sector where ideas originate or come together and where we support everyone's professional ambition.

And whoever says 'meeting' also says 'celebrating'. 
In 2022, we had a lot to celebrate at Febelfin Academy!

Yearly Event 2022 ‘Back to the Future of Learning’

Such as our 15th anniversary, the inauguration of our new offices on Koning Albert II laan and the end of the Covid period, which allowed us to meet ‘live’ again. 

The theme of the 2022 annual event was ‘Back to the Future of Learning’: how learning has evolved over 15 years of Febelfin Academy and how we see the future.

Our lecturers and course managers were able to experience the different training formats (classroom training, live webinar, different types of e-learning)  by learning how to solve a Rubic's Cube.

Fin Competition : grand final in Brussels

The Fin Competition was in its 3rd edition in 2022.

On 15 December 2022, the grand final was played live for the first time, a whole new experience! More than 200 3rd bachelor banking and finance students from 15 colleges in Belgium, who had participated in the online banking simulation game over the past months, came to our offices in Brussels that day. Among them were the 47 finalists, their supporters and the coaches who had mentored them during the past rounds of the game.

The finalists played the final game in the morning while the supporters could participate in themed workshops. There was also an all-day job fair. After a particularly exciting final, the trophy went to the Karel de Grote Hogeschool from Antwerp.

Taking part in the Fin Competition proved to be an intense experience for all participants and the live event was the icing on the cake. We wish them all a great career in the financial sector!

Would you like to participate in the Fin Competition 2023?

Inclusion workshops : Teaching in 2022 and beyond

We wish for everyone to keep evolving in what they love most. In 2022, we therefore started a series of workshops for our teachers on the subject of teaching itself, to inspire them just as they do with their students. The first series of workshops focused on inclusion. How do we make sure everyone feels at home and properly addressed during a course.