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Learning with maximum impact, that's what we aim for! This also means that we want to unburden you as much as possible so that you only have to worry about the content of your exam, training or further education.

Proctoring exams now also part of our standard range

While we may have organised remote examinations with online supervision during the Covid period mainly out of necessity, this method of examination turns out to have a number of unmistakable advantages, also in an international context.

Exams with online supervision (proctoring) are now part of our standard range. The exam is identical to the exam you take on-site at Febelfin Academy. Only the location and the way in which it is supervised are different. You can take exams on Banking Intermediation, Insurance Distribution and Credit Intermediation via the online proctoring system. 

How does an exam with online supervision (proctoring) work?

Subscriptions: organise your CPD without any hassle

Working in the financial sector is full of excitement and variety, but can also be quite challenging. The industry therefore rightly expects employees to undertake CPD.

Febelfin Academy launched 3 subscription packages in 2022, the so-called ‘Flex Packages‘, to help you organise this education. Subscribing grants access to a wide range of courses for a fixed price. This means that you not only have the guarantee that you can achieve all the necessary training points, you can also stay informed of new developments in your field and have free access to an entire library of supporting knowledge.

In this moment, these Flex Packages only exist in Dutch and French even though some of the included training courses are given in English. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Discover the FLEX PACKAGES