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Febelfin Academy maintains a continuous dialogue with all its stakeholders. This way, we assure our clients of a service that provides an optimal response to the challenges they face. Also in 2022, a number of interesting projects were developed for and together with our clients.

In 2022, we reached almost 34,000 people with our learning solutions. This means that, for the 3rd year in a row, we were able to expand our reach by around 10%. Through our open training catalogue, these participants had more than 320 courses at their fingertips. In 2022, we were also able to develop more than 500 customised training programmes together with our customers.

Looking for a customised learning solution?

A few examples of customised training programmes we were able to realise in 2022.

​​​​​Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know your Customer (KYC) in client relations and contacts : Incompany programme with AXA Bank

In addition to technical know-how on AML, employees within the various parts of the organisation also need a practical guide to discuss these issues with the customer.

Together with AXA Bank, a series of training courses was therefore developed with the aim of facilitating - sometimes difficult or tedious - conversations with customers around AML and KYC. During this training, a number of concrete cases were used in which information had to be requested from the customer in order to allow proper monitoring in the context of money laundering prevention.

Expanding Your Customer Relationships in Today's World: custom training for 1.230 ING employees

The relationship between banks and clients has changed dramatically in recent years, especially after the Covid pandemic. Our face-to-face contact with clients is reduced and must add value for all parties. Together with ING, a course was set up on building a trust relationship within this new context, a tailor-made course that was taken by 1.230 employees.

Wings@Work, a project for high-risk groups within BNPPF

For the Wings@Work project of BNP Paribas Fortis, Febelfin Academy participated in a programme in which high-risk groups are given the tools to take control of their own careers, given that the changing financial sector presents them with important challenges.

Febelfin Academy organised 3 training days on macroeconomic developments and how they affect and challenge the financial sector. Participants in this project were invited to update their knowledge, achieve personal growth and broaden their employability within the organisation. A win/win situation for both the participants and the organisation!