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Video Conferencing Tools

Are you taking an online course? Special terms of use apply to e-learnings, webinars, and virtual coaching sessions. These can be consulted here.


These Terms of Use apply to usage of the Video Conferencing Tools (hereinafter: 'Tool' or 'Tools') that Febelfin Academy makes available to its Customers for attending e-learnings, webinars, and coaching sessions (hereinafter: ‘Session or Sessions’). These Terms of Use should be read in conjunction with and as supplementary to the general terms and conditions of Febelfin Academy.

The use of the Tools is subject to these Terms of Use. By making use of the Tools, the Participant acknowledges having read, understood, and accepted these unreservedly.

In general, Participants are expected to exercise reasonable and professional care in the proper usage of the Tools, in accordance with the responsibilities associated with their role and in accordance with the rules defined below.

Febelfin Academy disclaims any responsibility regarding usage of the Tools by the Participants; in particular, inappropriate usage or sharing of inappropriate material in connection with the scope and purpose of the Tools.


Terms appearing in the Terms of Use have the meanings as defined below:



‘Video Conferencing Tool’ (‘Tool’)

The video conferencing tool is used to communicate via video and audio over an internet connection. Under these terms of use, video conferencing tools are understood to refer to the tools offered by service providers with which Febelfin Academy contracts. These tools are selected with care by Febelfin Academy for the provision of e-learnings, webinars, and coaching sessions.


The instructor is the person who conducts the e-learning, webinar or coaching session. 


The participant is the person who is registered for the e-learning webinar and/or coaching session.


The organization with which the Participant is associated (if applicable), which has enrolled the latter in a Session, i.e. the sponsor of the Participant.


The person and/organisation that wishes to use the services of Febelfin Academy. This can be an individual, i.e. the Participant, or an organization that wishes to use the services of Febelfin Academy.


Session refers to the online training (e.g. e-learning, webinar and/or coaching session) for which the Participant is enrolled.


Terms of use applicable to usage of the Video Conferencing Tools provided

Personal invitation

Information sharing

Screen sharing

Chat function

Camera and microphone

Recording function

Visible personal data 

Secured systems & updates  

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If you have any questions about the Tools and/or these Terms of Use, please contact: