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Business and digital transformation skills (The Master Channel) - online courses

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Via the subscription to this program, you receive access to the platform 'The Master Channel'. During a full year, you can follow a wide range of online courses to learn the skills to thrive in the age of digital transformation, such as business analysis, business process management and modeling, lean and agile project management, or data analytics.




Niveau Advanced
Leervorm E-learning

Totale prijs *

Leden: € 630
Niet-leden: € 710
Partners/ BZB: € 600
Incompany: op maat, prijzen op aanvraag

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* Prijs: prestatie in het kader van permanente beroepsopleiding, vrijgesteld van BTW



The training course can be taken by various target groups which are active in the following functions, among others:

  • every employee who wants to sharpen their future-proof skills and is interested in new methodologies and techniques to improve digital products, services, applications, processes, or companies.

Vereiste voorkennis

Advanced: offers practice-based applications to complement the theoretical knowledge already acquired through the “basic level” courses (in-depth learning).

The courses can be followed regardless of your experience with business analysis, data modeling, etc.



The Master Channel is an online learning platform. Every course is taught by experts in their field and routinely checked for quality. The course offering is continuously evolving. For detailed information, you can always check www.themasterchannel.com/coursefinder.

  • Business Analysis
    • Business Analysis Foundations
    • Essential Agile Analysis Skills
    • Agile metrics: What to measure?
    • The Agile Dilemmas: how to choose?
    • Pre-Project Problem Analysis
    • Visual Thinking
    • Masterclass Data Analytics for Business
  • Software Analysis
    • Ultimate Guide to User Stories
    • Introduction to User Story Mapping
    • User Story Splitting
    • Testing for Analysts
  • Business Processes
    • Process Discovery
    • CMMN Fundamentals
    • BPMN Fundamentals
    • Seven Steps to Process Modeling Glory (A practical BPMN approach)
    • BPMN Case 1: Expense Reimbursement
    • BPMN Case 2: Deliver Mail Item
    • BPMN Cookbook
    • BPMN Pro
  • Decisions
    • Decision Modeling with DMN
  • Data and information
    • Masterclass Data Analytics for Business
    • Fundamentals of Dimensional Modeling
    • Fundamentals of Data Modeling
    • 10 Data Modeling Patterns
    • Data Modeling Case: Knowledge Inc.
    • A Business-Oriented Approach to Data Modeling
  • Project Management
    • Fundamentals of Project Management
    • Advanced Stakeholder Analysis
    • A Smarter Introduction to Scrum
    • The Story Behind Scrum Roles
    • A Practical Guide on Root Cause Analysis
    • Kanban Fundamentals
  • Product Management
    • Essential Architecture Skills
    • Product Management Fundamentals: Build better products
    • MVPs Demystified
  • Service and Customer Experience
    • The UX Landscape
    • Fixing the 10 Biggest Misconceptions of a Customer Interview
  • Software and Information Systems
    • Understanding RPA - Robotic Process Automation
    • Crash Course Cyber Security
  • Change Management and Soft Skills
    • Dealing With Resistance
    • Storytelling
    • Creative Ways to Organize (Digital) Workshops
    • Architecture for the Digital Economy
    • How to find a better Problem to Solve
    • Remote Project Teams


3 days after your and subscription (and payment) you will receive an e-mail to login to The Masther Channel platform. 1-year access to the Master Channel platform with more than 30 online courses. Each course has a duration of +- 2 hours.


An ‘E-learning’ is 100% self-study. You log in individually on the MyFA learning platform and process, at your own pace, learning content that is provided to you via an interactive presentation. You can follow this online training wherever, whenever and as often as you want. The teaching material consists of a digital format with text, video, images, animations, test questions and/or references to relevant documents and/or websites.

E-learning: You can take this training course via self-paced e-learning by using the online learning platform The Master Channel. Most courses also feature the option to take an online exam. Upon successfully completing the exam, you will receive a downloadable, shareable, and verifiable certificate.

Training material:

  • Video
  • Cases
  • Exercices
  • Reading Material