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European Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA®) - in collaboration with ABAF /BVFA

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Thanks to our collaboration with ABAF/BVFA (abaf-bvfa.be, member of EFFAS, effas.net), we are happy to offer you the possibility to enrol for a European Certified CESGA-programme.

Global social and environmental challenges, regulatory and reputational risks, market scandals and new market opportunities make environmental, social and governance information (ESG) a data source of growing importance.

In this context, the integration of ESG information in the investment process chain and in valuation is essential. So far, only a few approaches and even fewer solutions exist that support investment professionals in the integration of ESG. Although considered increasingly relevant for investment decisions, it is estimated that still less than 15% of investment professionals receive some kind of structured ESG training.

The CESGA® programme aims to overcome this challenge by providing the necessary training for the efficient valuation, measurement and integration of ESG issues into investment analysis.

After having completed the programme, students should be able to know and understand:

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12/03/2021 - European Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA®) - in collaboration with ABAF /BVFA

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The training course can be taken by various target groups:

  • financial analysts and portfolio managers who want to integrate ESG data in their capital allocation processes
  • all investment professionals increasingly committed to ESG issues
  • other specialists such as corporate sustainability officers, investor relations, auditors and consultants

Vereiste voorkennis

Advanced: There is no specific knowledge required for this course.


The CESGA® Programme is structured in 10 Modules. 

You can find the detailed programme overview on the website of EFFAS.

Part I

The first part is an introduction for capital market participants with ESG experience that would like to build up or refresh the fundamentals of ESG as well as for those with no or little experience in ESG investment.

Module 1: ESG - an Introduction


Module 2: Recent Developments of ESG integration

Module 3: Responsible investing across asset classes

Module 4: ESG Reporting

Module 5: Investment Process Chain

Part II

This part is tailor-made for advanced ESG users.

Module 6: Approaches of data analysis: data availability, quality and usage

Module 7: ESG Integration in Analysis

Module 8: ESG Integration in Valuation

Module 9: Investment decisions in the context of the investment process chain

Module 10: Case study

The case study will integrate all the knowledge and skills the students have attained in the other modules to enhance the usefulness of the programme for their daily work.

On top of the 10 modules and in preparation of the exams, ABAF/BVFA and Febelfin Academy are happy to offer you two extra online Q&A sessions of 1,5h, monitored by an international team of professors and represented by EFFAS and ABAF/BVFA.


How to subscribe

You can subscribe via the 'I subscribe' button on this page. Within the week after your subscription you will receive an e-mail with credentials to access to EFFAS Academy learning platform.


The exam is organized on  12 march 2021 (enrolment possible until 15 february 2021), and can be taken online or in classroom (Brussels venue). 

In preparation to the exam you will receive access to the online learning platform of EFFAS with the 10 modules, including

  • e-seminars / webinars
  • course slides
  • sources / readings
  • Q&A session via live webinar

More information:

More information can be found in the programme overview and on the website of EFFAS and the website of EFFAS Academy.

For further questions, please contact Annick Van Segbroeck via info@abaf-bvfa.be


Type of course:

Online, both the programme as the exam.