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New challenges in Risk Management

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In the unprecedented times we are facing now with the Covid-19 crisis, all organizations are struggling with the multidimensional set of risks. Ten years after the Global Financial Crisis, banks profitability, solvency and resilience are particularly affected by the downturn, with rising new internal and external risks, as well as rising expectations from regulators, customers, governments and the broader community.

As all these changes also accelerate, navigating through uncertainty by out-of-the-box enterprise risk management will be a key driver of successful transformation as well as resilience.

Join us here to enhance innovation, relevance and responsiveness of your risk management function.

This training focuses on:


Niveau Advanced
Type opleiding Klassikale opleiding

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Partner BZB: € 250
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Examen/Bijscholing 600.013

Beschikbare data

09/09/2022 - 13:30u - 17:00u - New challenges in financial risk management

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This training course can be undertaken by different groups:

  • risk managers at a company, entity or at corporate level;
  • business, risk and finance managers involved in risk appetite, financial planning and financial resource management (capital/liquidity/leverage).

Vereiste voorkennis

Advanced level: offers practice-based applications to complement the theoretical knowledge already acquired through the "basic level" courses (in-depth learning).

Required prior knowledge: good understanding of results and balance sheet structure as well as underlying principles of banking regulation.



  • New risks and opportunities arising from business models transformation:
    • digitization
    • sustainable finance
    • outsourcing
  • New resilience risks arising from changes in the business context:
    • low interest rates
    • cyber
    • climate
    • pandemics
  • How enterprise risk can transform towards dynamic uncertainty management by challenging:
    • risk organization
    • talents
    • tools
    • agility
  • How scenario-based planning and risk appetite should develop to support uncertainty management and improve resilience.


Duration: 1/2 day training

Hours: 13h30 - 17h (3 hours)

Location: Febelfin Academy, Phoenix gebouw - Koning Albert II-laan 19 1210 Brussel


You follow a ‘Classroom training’ in a group. You, the other participants and the teacher are all present in the same classroom at an agreed time. There is an opportunity for interaction and feedback, both from the participants to the teacher and vice versa. The teaching material consists as a basis of a presentation via the MyFA learning platform, supplemented with various other items (such as digital syllabus, presentation, audiovisual fragments, etc.).

Training type: Classroom

During our interactive training courses, we stay as close as possible to everyday working practices. The focus is on practical tips, handy diagrams and recognisable situations or cases. Through practical assignments in small groups, participants are given the opportunity to reflect on certain aspects of the topic taught. After feedback from the group and the trainer, these can be further developed if necessary.

Training material: Powerpoint presentation


Tamar Joulia-Paris
Risk, finance & treasury