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Prudential & accounting regulations for risk managers

Starting from the simple Basel I framework, the evolution to the Basel II framework will be discussed and the role of the three pillars will be explained. The handling of credit, market and operational risk under Pillar 1 will be analysed in more detail. Following the financial crisis in 2007/2008, the participants will better understand the need for higher capital, liquidity and leverage requirements and learn how the new ratios have to be calculated under Basel III. Also the impact of the strengthening of Pillar 2 will be highlighted by assessing the impact on the business model and by discussing some implementation issues.

The course on banking regulation and supervision gives an overview of the international and national framework, starting with the developments at G20 level and at the Basel Committee on banking supervision. Given the relevance of the European dimension, the course further considers the key principles and actors in the European framework as well as s the recent steps in re-launching Europe through the completion of the Banking Union and the reform of the EU’s supervisory architecture. A key part of this is the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), where the course will go into its supervisory approach and future priorities.

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Employees with a certain level of experience (1-3 years) in one or more aspects of risk management that want to broaden their knowledge. First and second line collaborators, business controllers, risk officers, treasurers.

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Expert level: Subjects will be treated thouroughly. You should have knowledge of macro-economical concepts.






Duration: 1 day training
Hours: 9am - 5pm ( 6 training hours)
Address: Febelfin Academy, Aarlenstraat/Rue d'Arlon 80, 1040 Brussels


Ruben Olieslagers
Risk, finance & treasury