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Risk Officer

You’re the pragmatic kind. You know how to act responsibly when making any sort of decision, big or small. That’s because of your collected and logical attitude that people come to you for advice.

Facts - Risk officer

As the Risk Manager’s right hand, you help them collect data, sort them out and organize preliminary risk analyses.
You also analyse the quality and content of a client or a prospect’s financial reports to allow the further evaluation of their financial status.
With your charisma and proven abilities you always make a strong case for the analysis you present.
Skills to build: knowledge of statistics combined with the ability to convey information in an understandable way
Download "20200907_FEBELFIN_RISK-min" (. PDF)

Meet a real risk officer

Curious to know what a Risk Officer does to shape the future of finance?

Meet Emeline who will share insights into her daily life as a Risk Officer at Puilaetco.

Working in the financial sector is enriching and rewarding. (…) You will meet people with different background and coming from all over the world which is great!

Emeline Manishimwe - Puilaetco

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